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Sumangal Castings Pvt. Ltd.
Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd. A well laid out modern plant manufacturing the total spectrum of investment castings made from ferrous metals and its alloys including Nickel & Cobalt base super alloy with an installed capacity of 500 MT per annum, considered as an advanced & ultimate casting process. It manufactures engineering components of highest quality in which one disposable pattern produce one metal part only. The process witch was initially confined to typical aerospace requirement is now used in all engineering having very close to the final ready for end use with inherent soundness, accuracy in microns, minimized costly and cumbersome machining operations, in addition to the above this unit having certain additional facilities to undertake job having fine details to reproduce very accurately in the casting itself.

Sumangal Castings Pvt. Ltd. Suppling investment casting to some of its valued customers in various fields like Automobile, Aerospace, Railways, Defense, Hand Tools, Process Pumps & Valves, Marine, Textiles, Electrical, Switchgears, Orthopedic Components, etc. with a team of field engineers to interact with the customer for their specific needs, even the extent of helping the in designing of their components.
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Sumangal Castings Pvt. Ltd.
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